Dog pets that you can go jogging with


Original Post by Catrin George, Animal Friends, 5th May 2021

All dogs need exercise, but their needs and requirements are all different depending on their breed, size and age. You might be on the hunt for a dog to go running with and find it hard to find the perfect breed to suit your lifestyle.

We want to help you tell the difference between the companions that are happy with a short stroll around the park and the ones which would prefer a longer hike in the countryside based on certain qualities, such as obedience, build, strength, athleticism, and intelligence.

Huskies can make good running companions as they were bred to be sled dogs and have amazing endurance. Their thick coat means that you’d need to avoid taking them for a run on hot summer days, after all they do originate from the cold climate of Northeast Asia. A husky is likely to enjoy the mental and physical stimulation that’s achieved by running.

Border Collies
Natural herders, Border Collies are highly trainable and would make great companions for owners who have a lot of energy and spend a lot of their time exploring the outdoors. They are possible great running or agility partners in the making.

An active, light-footed, intelligent breed, their strong desire to work and play can make them a great choice for a running companion. Their speed and endurance provides endless adaptability, excelling at both short and long distances.

A breed that was bred to run for miles alongside carriages, they are strong, active, and athletic with great stamina. Just like they used to trot alongside the horses, they are bound to keep up with any

but be sure to stick to softer trails as they are quite heavy-footed!

Border Terrier
That’s right, it’s not just the longer-legged breeds that enjoy running with their owners. They are a tenacious, high-energy breed but their prey drive means they are best to be kept on a lead.

Springer Spaniel
A breed with endless enthusiasm and boundless energy, the Springer Spaniel might be the perfect running partner. They massively crave exercise and mental stimulation so heading out on a run with them will help make sure their requirements are met.

Labrador Retriever
Labradors are fit and athletic dogs with a love for the outdoors and companionship, making them a go-to breed for long-distance adventures. Often a friendly and sociable breed, they will love exploring new places with their favourite humans, too.

Never go running with a puppy
Don’t go running with a puppy, as the growth plates on the end of their bones will still be in the early stages of development, meaning that too much exercise or impact can result in long-term injuries and damage to their bones and joints.

A pup should be walked until they are tired but anything further should wait until their bones are fully developed.

Dog breeds to avoid running with
Always consider your dog’s health, coat, age, breed and athleticism before letting them tag along on one of your runs. A lot of breeds are capable of being good running partners, but some aren’t built for regular or intense exercise.

Avoid running with brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs or French Bulldogs as they can suffer from exhaustion, overheating and breathing problems.

Giant breeds like Great Danes or Wolfhounds can be prone to orthopaedic issues, so long-distance runs can cause joint pain and sometimes even injuries.

Miniature dogs, such as Dachshunds or Chihuahuas, have short legs and may find it difficult to keep up as they tire easily.

If you decide to take your dog on a run with you, make sure you pack fresh water and follow a route with plenty of shade – for more safety tips, please see our article on safety when running with your dog.

Ease into it – even a breed that enjoys running may need some time to build up distance and safely get the hang of running with you.

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