Cows too share with the human race leadership acumen

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Author -Sichwa Post

This week I went to see one of our clients, following up on one of our projects with his institution.

Our client is a jambaka – a good taker and a story teller, humorous too. At close to sixty, his age obviously gives him a good grip of experience that comes with age in both his career and life.

Over the months it seems we’ve developed a business entente. I feel so because recently we’d sit down after discussing the day’s business and engage in other talks, him taking the lead. It’s obvious he’s twice my age, my father I would call him as his sons whom I have met are in my age group.

So, given the age gap I mostly sit quiet and coupled with my introversion nature, in most cases I just nod my head while adding a few words here and there, sometimes giggling too when a good humor finds itself in the conversation and of Course sometimes the laughter gets louder.

A few days ago I won’t forget him telling me how he started his school, with only four pupils and the big squabble that ensured between him and his wife when he told her he’s resigning from his well-paying teaching job to start his own school.

It was a fevered exchange of words as he puts it. Nevertheless, he went ahead with is plan and today seven years down the line the school has over 300 students. Comparing his infrastructure with other private schools I have worked with, I must admit he’s doing well.

Towards the end of our conversation he stresses to me that young people must embrace entrepreneurship as that is one key avenue that will decongest high number of unemployment among the youths.

He reminded me that If I had been keen to observe cows, I must have realized that in a herd of cows, there is normally one that, like a sundial it knows the time for going back home and anytime the herder is late to start leading them back home from the field, this leader-cow would start walking back home and the rest would follow suit.

During the journey back home, the leader-cow rarely strays and get to destroy people’s crops in the surrounding farms but a good number of those cows being led will always cause problems messing village crops in the shambas on their paths back to ‘kul’.

The truth is that in life, some of us seems to be ahead of time because they see things differently, they see opportunities where many don’t, they are blessed with grit and ‘focus’.

I honestly would not want to start advising anyone on being ‘focused’ because I myself am not yet at a point where I could confidently say am ‘stable’. I won’t just forget the leader-cow in this context.

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