Meet teen making bow ties for shelter dogs to make them appear smart and get adopted

Animal Design

Darius Brown learned how to make tiny bow ties at the age age of 8 after being taught by her sister Dazhai.

He decided to use his new talent to make the bow tie and donate them to pet dogs and cats that were left homeless after the 2017’s Hurricane Irma. The bow ties were to help them look smart and hence stand out among the rest and get adapted by willing individuals.

Darius donated his first 25 rescue bowties to New York City’s ASPCA Animal shelter which sheltered many dogs and cats displaced by the hurricane.

“I saw how happy the people at the shelter were to get the bow ties and how much the dogs liked them, and I decided to make more,” he told the Washington Post

Since he started, the young teen has sewn 600 bowties and eight states in U.S have benefited from Darius passion.

Darius got the initial funding help from mum but now he is setting up a GoFundMe campaign  to help him with his mission.

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