KenGen, leading provider of renewable energy in Africa, continues to expand influence in the continent

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First Published on Sichwa News , Teresa Chepkemoi

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) PLC currently providing 75% of Kenya’s electricity, remains top provider of renewable energy in Africa and currently holds the 8th Position in the world according to THINK ENERGY (

The company has adapted an expansion strategy by putting more effort into commercial drilling services, geothermal development consulting and various energy related services domestically and in the horn of Africa.

In February 2021, the Company won an international contract to drill three well in Djibouti. The contract which is worth Ksh 7 Million was signed between kenGen and Office Djiboutien De Development De lenergie Geothermique (Djiboutian Office of Geothermal Energy Development) (ODDEG).

During the Ceremony in Djibouti attended by Kenya’s Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles keter, and the Company’s CEO, Mrs. Rebecca Miano, Mrs Miano expressed confidence that the wells will enhance Djibouti’s efforts towards growing its energy production.

In October 2019, Kengen was handed a Ksh 5.8 bilion contract of drilling 12 geothermal wells in Ethiopia. Together with an independent power producer, the contract entailed installing water supply systems and Equipements.

Kengen was also among the companies of awarded Ksh 7.6 billion contracts to drill geothermal wells for Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) in Aluto Ethiopia in the February 2019.

KenGen remains the leading electricity generating company in Eastern Africa with a 70% market share in the region.

Kengen is currently in discussion with Rwanda over the exploration of geothermal resources in the country.

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