Coffee farmers happy with the ongoing reforms

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Sector implementation committee formed by president Uhuru has received compliments from farmers who have expressed their delight with the process.

Speaking during the 1st Kenyan international coffee festival in Nairobi, chairman of the implementation committee Joseph Kieya said that they want the farmers to also benefit from and be in a position to afford coffee products.

“We want the Kenyan farmer not to just wear gumboots in the farm; we want the farmer to also enjoy the coffee that they toil to produce. This will be achieved by having the farmer enjoy good proceedings of their coffee,” said Mr Kieya.

Mr Kieya also said they want famer of coffee to be close to the negotiation table and that will be possible if the brokers in the sector are eliminated.

Susan Mugure from Digital Tolls added that Coffee is not an elite’s products and that farmers in Kenya too must be in a position to enjoy their produce like Ethiopian farmers do.

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