Erick Omondi surrenders to KFCB’s Pressures, agrees to delete “Wife Material” Content

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, Maureen Neema

After the arrest of Kenya’s famed comedian Erick Omondi  4 days ago, he has finally agreed to delete and suspend the “The wife material” Show content.

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekel Mutua together and Erick Omondi together held a Press conference.

In the Press the, Ezkiel said that the board had concluded that Omondi’s content were explicit and therefore must be deleted from the comedian’s YouTube channel.

Erick Omondi in his “Wife Material” Show. Facebook

“The board has keenly examined Eric’s apology and request for an out of court settlement and is willing to settle the case through an alternative dispute resolution on condition that the said Eric Omondi deletes all the explicit content running on his online channels,” Said  Mutua in a read statement.

The Board also agreed to stop the pending case against Erick Omondi and come up rules to be adhered to by online content creators.

KFCB demanded that Erick Omondi cease the running of the purported “pornographic” content from his twitter, you tube, Facebook, tiktok and all other social media accounts unless with the approval of KFCB.

In the alleged show, girls were to go to date with the comedian and each of them was to make sure he falls for her. Sometime the girls would exchange blows over him. In some of the videos the comedian could be seen deep kissing the girls, sometimes explicitly dressed.

Erick Omondi was released on a Ksh 50,000 police bond while his case pending hearing after he and his crew were arrested on 11th of March.

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