Braids maid chased fro wedding

SDA Members support decision by Nyamira Pastor of chasing bridesmaids who came dressed indecently

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Original Post by SICHWA NEWS

A viral video circulated online of an SDA pastor who chased bridesmaids in a wedding for dressing “shamefully”.

It was also controversial as the pastor also stated that he was chasing them away because they were non-sda Members. 

 “Kama umevaa jinsi isivyo stahili, try somewhere else not this Seventh-day Adventist church. Harusi tunayofanya inaitwa harusi takatifu, ndoa takatifu. Hata kanisa haiwezi kaa na vitu ambavyo haviendi na mpango wa Mungu,” The pastor was heard saying in the clip.

An online group, “SDA Online family” came out to defend the pastor for the decision he took.

Bridesmaid chased away in Kiss

“We fully support the action of the pastor. We cannot allow indecency in our SDA churches. We followed the wedding very closely. The type of music which was being played was worldly and that is not what we teach. The dressing was also shameful. We as a church, stand for values,” The group posted on their twitter account.

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